As an instructor, I developed and led a graphic design project for approximately 400 high school students over four weeks. Students were asked to develop a concept and brand for a new water park in Raleigh, NC. Students employed design research methods including benchmarking, interviews, observations, personas, scenarios, and user journey mapping to inform their designs. 

Design Camp is a multi-discipline pre-college design program organized by the NC State Design Lab for K-12 Education. Held each summer, Design Camp informs students about the study of design and raises awareness of the impact of design on all aspects of our everyday lives.

Co-Instructor: Grace Herndon

Campers used this booklet to record information as they explored design research methods (benchmarking, interviews, personas, observations, user journey mapping at five stations. The research process was aimed at learning more about their specific user and about waterparks in general.  

Students engaged in a group mind mapping activity to establish brand attributes and visual elements based on their assigned personas. After developing concepts, students made logo sketches and experimented with color palettes. Students pinned up thier work and gave each other feedback in a silent critiques before finalizing their logo designs.